All the right reasons

There are hundreds of ways in which we strive to be better and different in Perth’s curtain, blind and shutter market. But we’ve been tough on ourselves and are happy to present to you the best of the best. These are the things that set us apart and really make a difference to the final window treatments that are installed in your home.


Always Decor People

If our staff aren’t members of the family who started the business, most of them have been with us for years and years and years. Long enough to be part of the Decor family, that’s for sure.

Their experience and commitment to this business gives them an exceptional knowledge of curtains and blinds and we are all very happy to be able to share that with you. No matter what your family home is like, chances are we’ve seen something similar before and will be able to advise you on the perfect custom blinds and curtains solutions for your home.

Our people understand design, styling and co-coordinating colours and finishes to suit your rooms, furniture and colour schemes. Our people will show you all sorts of options for colour, style, materials, privacy, light control and decor enhancement.

If you like a little bit of proof, we were very happy to be awarded 'Window Treatment of the Year' and ‘Best Retailer of the Year’ by Window Coverings Association of Australia (WA) and ‘Best Decorating Store in Western Australia’ by Australian Home Beautiful.

The Decor Family

Decor Blinds and Curtains was started way back in 1974 by the Mum and Dad of the two young men who run the business today. That gives us two generations and more than 45 years experience in the Perth window dressing industry. That gives you complete assurance that you chose the right business.

As a Western Australian owned and operated family business with our own people and local manufacturing facilities, we can guarantee the highest level of quality and service.

We are members of the Window Covering Association of Australia (WA) and Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia and Decor’s founder and owner has been President of the Curtain Industry Association National for 3 years and Curtain Industry Association State President for 5 years.

Made In Midland

We are committed to local manufacturing for a very simple reason – It’s the only way to guarantee quality control to our satisfaction. By manufacturing right here in our Midland facility, we can make sure our products exceed industry standards. Our state of the art facilities mean we can guarantee absolute squareness on our blind fabric cuts and eliminate fraying in uncoated fabrics.

Obviously, our dedication to quality control and best practice manufacturing in Midland, means that the Decor window dressings that arrive at your home are nothing short of superb.

Our People Only

We don’t use sub-contractors. They’re just not good enough, and after all, they’re not part of the Decor family. Every person who visits your home to consult and install your blinds and curtains is a Decor person. We know them and we trust them.

Our installers will not scuff your floors, damage your walls or leave a mess. We train our own installers so we know the product installation is given the time and attention it needs to be completed correctly. The way your new blinds, curtains and shutters look when they are installed in your home is the final stage in a process that we manage carefully from start to finish.

Premium Quality Products

We’re fussy, we admit it.

We’re fussy about the people we choose to represent our business and we’re just as particular about selecting the components that make up our blinds and curtains and the mechanisms that open and close them. What that means for you is the security of our 5 year warranty thanks to the longer life span of our window dressings.

We care about the final product and the finish and durability of our window treatments. By selecting quality components and manufacturing techniques we work hard to make sure you get great value and long life from your curtains and blinds.


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