Our Story

Our Story

Our family, your family, the Decor family

Blinds, curtains and all sorts of window furnishings provide the finishing touches to family homes all over Perth. We understand that, because our family has been doing it for more years than Dad likes to remember.

Way back in the ‘70s, an optimistic couple of newly weds called Rod and Liz started making curtains on the lounge room floor. Well, Liz did anyway. And while Liz measured, cut and sewed with great care and plenty of love, Rod was out looking around for customers.


They lived in the hills overlooking Perth and so the name Hills Curtains was born. That was the start of the family business now known as Decor Blinds and Curtains.

Hills Curtains wasn’t the only thing Rod and Liz created together. They started their own family and have two sons, Justin and Josh. The two boys grew up working in the business and now run it with their wives and a dedicated group of loyal people. All together, they make up the ‘Decor Family’.

As the family grew, so did the business as word spread ‘down on the flats’ about the premium quality of their curtains. To meet the growing demand, Rod was called to roam further afield to meet new clients in their homes and get a feel for their decor and personality.

From the very beginning, Decor has been built on the hard work and dedication to quality of a small family group. While plenty of things have changed in the business and the world around them, the family, their values and their commitment to best-practice local manufacturing, the highest quality products and faultless installation remain exactly the same.

Customer service is also central to everything we do. Our priority is to deliver the best possible product for the homes and budgets of our customers. To help maintain that, our sales people are not motivated by commissions or incentives to sell certain products. You won’t get a sales pitch from us, you’ll get real, valuable design and styling advice that is right for your home.

Decor Blinds and Curtains is a genuine family business, run by down to earth people who understand the importance of family and respect the homes of the families they work with every day.

This is who we are. A normal family of hard working people with a couple of generations of experience in the manufacture, design and installation of beautiful blinds, curtains and shutters.

If that sounds like something that would work for you and your family home, come and meet our family team anytime.


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