Blockout Curtains

Blockout Curtains

Keep the light on the outside, and the style on the inside

Decor Blinds and Curtains offers the complete curtain package when it comes to keeping the environment where it’s supposed to be, outside your home. Achieving proper environmental blockout isn’t just a matter of hanging any old piece of fabric over your windows. Our experienced Decor consultants know how to manufacture and install the best solution to reduce unwanted intrusions whether that is blockout coated curtains or a separately lined solution.

Coated curtains

Let your curtains wear the coat
Many people are choosing the option of blockout coating on their curtains to reduce light bleed into their homes. A special flock coating on the reverse of the curtain keeps everything where it’s supposed to be.

Separately lined curtains

Separate lining in complete solutions
If you want to completely block out the environment from your home, you need the best in blockout curtains and to get the best you need separately lined curtains. These custom curtains have specially designed blockout lining  to provide superior insulation, blockout and noise reduction while hanging better than any comparable products. Separately lined curtains are able to do their job because they have two layers of fabric instead of just a layer, greatly reducing unwanted street noise and keeping in warmth. When it comes to insulation, we agree with the The Energy Commission of Australia in recommending that you use separately lined blockout curtains teamed with pelmets to achieve the ultimate in insulation saving you on power bills.

Australian made for Australian conditions

Our linings are manufactured from the finest materials and designed specifically to last through the harsh Australian climate. We use only linings supported with additional manufacturer's warranties so you can trust that you’ll get the maximum life from your curtains.

Blocking everything except your needs

Getting the most out of your blockout curtains takes a careful eye. Talk to us today to discus the ideal setup and lining options for your home.

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