How To Remove And Install Roller Blinds

How To Remove And Install Roller Blinds


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 05 Jul 2021

Installing roller blinds are a great way to control the heat and light that enters your home. They are functional and practical but do not compromise on style. If you’re considering finishing your home with roller blinds, click here to learn more about the benefits.

Another benefit of roller blinds is that they are very low-maintenance. Every now and then they just require a wipe or wet cloth to remove dust and dirt. If they do need a deep clean, or you would like to remove them for other reasons, it is quite a simple process. It’s important, however, to carefully follow the steps we have provided so that you minimise the risk of damage occurring.

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You can also check out our instructional video here to view the instructions step by step.

Removing your roller blinds

1. Remove the safety device
Firstly you will need to undo the screw in the safety device that is attached to your wall. If your blind is too big for you to handle, get another person to help to avoid causing any damage. 

2. Roll up the blind up
Using the chain, roll up the blind most of the way. Then get a long piece of paper and tuck that into the middle of the blind before rolling the rest of it up. Once rolled completely, pass the paper over and around the blind to create the perfect handle hold. 

3. Retract the pin
On the opposite end from the chain control, you will notice a slotted cog. Wind that cog all the way in, and you will hear a small pin retract in the process. 

4. Remove the blind
Once you’ve removed the pin, the blind will drop out. Using the handle hold you created with the pit of paper, pull the blind out from the chain end. Your blind will then be able to be safely removed. 

Reinstalling your roller blinds

1. Extend the metal pin
First, you will need to extend the metal pin of the blind that is located at the opposite end to the chain. If you need assistance taking the blind down, you will need to get someone to help you put it back up again.

2. Put the blind back in
Lift your blind into the bracket chain end first. Then push in the other end (with the pin), and you should hear a clicking noise when it has located the bracket. Next, give your blind a little wiggle to ensure that it has been installed correctly. You can then roll the blinds down and check that they are working correctly.

3. Attach the safety device
Redo the screw of the safety device attached to your wall. 

Want some assistance with removing and reinstalling your roller blinds? Our friendly team is here to help. Simply give us a call on 08 9374 6555 or fill out the form here to get into contact with us.  

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