How To Use Shutters To Keep Your House Cool

How To Use Shutters To Keep Your House Cool


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 10 Mar 2020

Summer is a beautiful season and, while many people take advantage of the weather to go places on holiday, the hot WA summer can often be uncomfortable if you’re spending it at home. Fortunately, you can employ a number of tricks to keep the temperature down, and one home fixture that helps cool your house in Perth are window shutters.

Openings such as doors and windows are responsible for most of the heat gain in your home. They not only allow hot drafts and humidity to enter your house but can also trap the heat inside. Shutters are great at dissipating heat while still allowing light indoors and maintaining privacy.

Check out the rest of the blog to learn more about how our shutters can help you keep your cool during a long, hot Perth summer.

Block Heat With Your Shutters

Shutters like bi-fold or plantation shutters can limit the amount of light and heat that enters your home while allowing ventilation. To properly make use of your window shutters in Perth, you first need to know if your home is properly insulated.

If it is, then you should close your doors and windows during the day when it’s hottest and open them in the evening when it’s cooler to expel the heat buildup. However, if your house is poorly insulated you should keep them open to allow the heat to exit.

By controlling the louvres on your shutters you can still keep your interiors bright without allowing direct sunlight in, which is a great way to keep your house cool by opening it up to the afternoon sea breeze.

Use External Shutters

Using external window shutters in Perth is a great way to keep the heat out of your home. Uncovered glass windows can radiate a lot of heat into the building, and external shutters create a barrier to block heat from the sun.

They also provide an extra insulating layer of air outside the windows which helps to keep heat out. At night, leave your shutters open to allow airflow through your house. Just make sure you have insect screens installed to keep the bugs out!

There are multiple types of window shutters in Perth, and it can sometimes get confusing choosing the right one. If you need help choosing the right shutters for your house -especially the kind that will help you beat the heat most effectively - you can use our design consultation service.

You can also get in touch with us if you need any help in selecting or installing blinds and curtains.

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