Window Treatment Services For Your Bespoke Newly Built Home

Window Treatment Services For Your Bespoke Newly Built Home


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 26 Mar 2021

Achieving the perfect window treatments for your new build takes more than just luck. It requires your vision to be backed up with expertise, careful planning and clear communication to ensure your objectives are realised.

Designing and building your bespoke home can take years to complete - from finding the ideal block to meticulously designing the spaces and layout through to carefully considering the finishes, colours and styles. While most homeowners prudently consider every element and detail they can think of, many tend to overlook the window treatment.

Being one of the largest visual details in the room, window treatments are a crucial element in any space. They provide privacy, protection from sunlight and they round up the look of a room. That’s why to provide maximum benefit, they need to tick all the boxes on form and function.

Without incorporating the window treatments into your home interior design planning, you might compromise on the design and efficacy of your curtains, blinds and shutters or even incur significant costs to retrofit items that weren’t planned for in the early stages.

How Window Treatment Specialists Can Help

Installing window treatments for building infrastructure can present a few challenges. For instance, did you know that you may not be able to run power to a motorised curtain or blind after the slab is poured? Did you know that the depth of the curtain recesses vary depending on what heading of curtain you’d like to use? Also, do you know the stack size of your curtains and how this will affect your view?

Fortunately, our Interiors team at Decor Blinds and Curtains are here to help you. With decades of interior design experience, Kristy and Trish specialise in bespoke builds that require more than your average window treatment discussions. Their comprehensive building infrastructure services include:

  1. Advising on window treatments, what works best for your desired outcome and how to obtain the maximum benefits from your curtains, blinds or shutters.
  2. Advising on motorisation including options, setup and placement of cables.
  3. Advising on the suitable curtain recess sizes as well as the best product setup and finish for every situation.
  4. Advising on the best window treatment options and setups for void areas.
  5. Providing decorating advice for finishes, fabrics and colours that are on-trend, to complement your other furnishings and satisfy your design brief.
  6. Assist with communicating with relevant parties (such as builders, supervisors or electricians) on requirements for specialty items such as motorisation, curtain recesses and voids.

Kristy and Trish have worked with decorators, designers and builders for many years and are now bringing this service to you so you can achieve the ultimate windows treatments for your special build.

Contact Trish today to organise your complimentary preliminary design consult:


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