Choosing Blinds and Curtains can be Confusing and Complicated

Choosing Blinds and Curtains can be Confusing and Complicated


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 18 Nov 2015

Decisions. Decisions. Deciding on the right curtains and blinds for your family home can be confusing and downright stressful. Especially if it’s for the whole home. We know, because we’ve worked with thousands of Perth families and helped them through the same process. And we usually receive a bunch of big smiles at the end.

Only Blinds & Curtains

It’s just the blinds and curtains right?

Sure. It’s not rocket science and we’re not saving lives here. But the process of choosing blinds and curtains is not as simple to do as it is to say. Not by a long shot.

Why not? Well, there’s the range of fabrics, colours and patterns to start with. Then you throw into the mix the different features and performance of different brands and products and the different rooms in your home, that are used for a variety of things by various people of different ages, tastes and preferences.

See, it starts to get complicated really quickly. We see it all the time and often people just feel overwhelmed and simply do not know where to start.

Touchy Feely

Luckily, we do and the best place to start is by putting your eyes and hands to work. Touch and feel. Touch and feel.

Once you start to see and feel the various fabrics and colours and understand exactly what they look like, it’s so much easier to visualise what will be right for the windows of your home.

Room By Room

You can talk and we’ll listen and then we can let you know what our experience tells us is the best option for that room and this space.

We’re always thinking about the best solution for your family home and the people who live there. Now, and for the next several years too, because our products and installation techniques guarantee durability and long life.

Appearance & Practicality

For us, the best solution is always a combination of appearance and practicality. Form following function so that the most suitable product for that room is chosen, and then the finish that suits your tastes and the existing decor of your home.

Ultimately, we work hard to gain your trust so we can move forward together, collaborating closely and working towards a final choice that will have you super happy with the new look of your home.

We’ll never try and advise you on colours without seeing your home first. It’s pointless. We need to see the environment the blinds and curtains are intended for before we can offer options that will work with that decor.

Choosing the perfect blinds and curtains for your family home is like anything else – There’s are plenty of complexities and tricks of the trade to deal with them that you’d never think of at first.

Our Experience

Make no mistake, the biggest benefit we can offer you, is our experience. Decor is a Perth family business started way back in the ‘70s and carried on by the second generation.

Not only has the core family been here for two generations, many of our staff have also been with us for many years. That experience and accumulated knowledge is a big part of what allows us to make Perth families very happy indeed with the finished blinds and curtains that we use to transform their homes.

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