Installation You Can Trust

Installation You Can Trust


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 28 Nov 2019

So you've decided on the type, colour, and even measurements of the curtains and blinds you want for your house. However, did you know that there's another vital thing that many homeowners don't consider? You also need to pay careful attention to the company that sells and installs them. 

When it comes to getting a finished product that you’re truly happy with, an experienced and trustworthy installer can make all of the difference. Check out the rest of this post to learn more about what makes us one of the most trusted suppliers and installers of blinds and curtains in Perth (and how other companies might try and take you for a ride).

Using Non-Contract Installers

Most companies don't want you to know that they don't actually use an in-house team to install their curtains. Instead, they hire non-contract installers, meaning they outsource the installation to an external contractor. 

These external companies often don’t specialised in installing curtains and blinds - which means that they won't be able to provide you with the best service possible. 

Some issues you may face with non-contract installers are:

  • They might damage your windows and walls during the installation.

  • They may not have the experience and expertise to fit curtains and blinds in difficult locations.

  • In case of any damage to your home or curtains, you might not get compensated by the seller if they put the blame on the external contractor.

  • You might not get exactly what you want since the specifications and measurements for your home might not be fully conveyed to the installer.

Using In-House Installers

At Decor Blinds and Curtains, we have our own team of in-house installers who are thoroughly trained in proper installation techniques and child safety laws. Because we’ve spent time training and upskilling them, our installers know all of our products extensively as well as how to handle them. 

Some advantages of using in-house installers are:

  • They are specially trained. As a result, they are efficient and know how to install curtains and blinds without damaging your home.

  • They can install blinds on hard-to-fit windows, including offering custom solutions.

  • They will set up curtains which are safe for families and children to use.

  • They can advise you with solutions in case they encounter any issues during installation. 

When dealing with a 100% in-house installation team like what we have at Decor Blinds and Curtains, you have trained professionals at your service through every step of the way. Just get in touch with us to find out more.

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