Controlling summer heat in your home.

Controlling summer heat in your home.


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 18 Oct 2015

Your family lives in Perth. Our family lives in Perth. It’s hot here and that’s something we love about this beautiful city. And sometimes, it’s what we hate about it too.

Create A Haven

Your home should be a haven, an escape from whatever’s happening outside. In winter, we want our family homes to be warm, sheltered and safe from the cold and wind and rain. In summer, we want our homes to be cool and dark, an oasis from the heat and bright sunshine.

At Decor, we definitely understand all of these things and we have some great options for all seasons. But right now, summer is here. In fact, it’s pretty much like we skipped Spring and went straight into the summer weather this year.

So, let’s start looking at the best ways to keep your family home cool for the next six months because your windows, curtains and blinds are really important.

Stop The Heat

The more heat you can stop from entering your home in the first place, the better off you’ll be. When we stop heat from coming into our homes, it immediately makes it’s easier to keep the home cool because you have a lower temperature to start with.

Stopping the heat from coming in means you’ll stop the money rushing out because you’ll spend significantly less on cooling your home if it is cooler to start with. The other factor to think about is the UV rays. Just like the ones that damage our skin, these will fade furniture, carpets and floors, and anything else that gets in the way.

Heat Factors

So, we’re dealing with several factors here – Direct sunlight, UV rays and heat. And we need to consider whether or not you need to retain a view and ambient light, or if total block out is the best solution.

We always recommend finding the best answers and products for each individual room, rather than applying the same solution to the whole home, because different rooms have different uses, different people using them and different windows.

Total Block Out

Now, you need to decide if you want to block 100% of the heat and UV rays, which will mean total block out and saying good bye to the view (when the blinds are down). In some rooms it will be fine to block the heat and lose the view. It might be a bedroom that is not used all day long, or it might be a back room or study that overlooks a wall or fence. No problem. In those cases, where the view is not a consideration, then blackout blinds will keep maximise heat and UV block out and keep those rooms, and the home coolest.

Blocking out heat is a great example of this. So, let’s move onto the rooms that do have a view and one that you want to keep on enjoying. The best solution here is Sunscreen blinds. These allow you to maintain your view, and let ion ambient light, while keeping out most of the harmful UV rays. So, you kind of get the best of both worlds.

Sunscreen blinds come in all sorts of colours and some of those are better at blocking the heat than others. We can give you a hand here, working out exactly the right decision for you home based on your colour schemes, the amount of direct sunlight hitting your windows and your tastes and preferences.

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