Sometimes, we make people cry.

Sometimes, we make people cry.


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 18 Oct 2015

We have a confession to make. Sometimes, our clients are moved to tears. We’ve done it a few times and it makes us happy. We felt it was time to talk about it. So, here goes.

All Sorts

We work for all sorts of families, all over Perth and beyond, way out into regional Western Australia. When we say all sorts of families, we really mean it. Young couples, couples with kids, families with teenagers, couple whose kid’s have left, retirees and many, many more.

Lone Man

We had a client earlier this year who was an elderly man living on his own since his wife had passed away. He wasn’t able to be active and so spent a lot of time in the living areas of his home, looking out the window from his easy chair and watching the world go by.

He wanted to improve the appearance of the spaces where he was spending most of his time, so he decided to invest in some new curtains throughout his living areas.

He enjoyed having our people come into his home and he sat in his easy chair and watched our installers do their thing.

He was interested and engaged and enjoyed chatting and sharing stories, and he loved watching the transformation happen, bit by bit, step by step, curtain by curtain.

Shedding A Tear

When the finishing touches had been made and the final curtains and blinds were in place, our elderly client shed a tear. He was so happy about the change we achieved that he was quite moved. The freshness it gave to his rooms, windows and even the views he looked out on for so long was fantastic and his reaction made it a beautifully rewarding job for us and gave us a story that we’ll tell again and again.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what your reasons are, it’s amazing just how much new blinds and curtains, that are carefully considered and perfectly installed, can transform your family home.

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