Automatic Bling-Bling

Automatic Bling-Bling


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 18 Sep 2015

Motorised blinds are something our team are really passionate about. They love their toys, but seriously, these technology features are fantastic for any modern home and offers heaps of genuine benefits

Safety First

One of the first things that prompts an interest in motorised control of curtains and blinds is safety concerns about cords and chains when there’s small children around.

Motorised controllers deliver all sorts of impressive benefits to your family and your home. Some of those are practical and related to ease of use and safety and some are cosmetic. Plus, let’s face it, it is nice to be in a position where you can have some cutting edge technology in your home.

Child safety is one of the benefits you’ll enjoy with motorised blind controllers and it’s possibly the most important. Yes they are definitely safer because motorised blinds and curtains do not need the cords and chains used to control manual products. Those potentially dangerous mechanisms are removed entirely. Simple.


Motorised blinds and curtains also make your window treatments last longer because they are not subject to the same level of rough handling that is often involved with manual controls.

They add value to your home too and can be easily integrated with home automation systems. It’s easy, practical and definitely a little bit of fun to be able to control all of your curtains or blinds at the same time.

For homes that have large or high windows that are difficult to reach, motorisation will solve those issues too. No stretching, just press the button.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how small the extra investment is to achieve motorisation and / or automation and the value these features add is unquestionable.

We have the people who know these products inside and out and can give you excellent advice based on a long history working with motorisation and automation.

Call up or come in and have a play with some of these products in one of our showrooms. We know you’ll love the products and their potential in your family home.

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