It’s all about the family. Yours, and ours.

It’s all about the family. Yours, and ours.


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 18 Sep 2015

We’re a family business started by Mum and Dad way back when and continued today by two sons (Josh and Justin) with the support of their wives and a team of loyal people. What that means for your family home is access to our extended family of blinds and curtains experts ready to hep you achieve your magical make over.
Right now, Decor Blinds and Curtains is run by Justin and Josh, and their lovely wives. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Behind this long-established Perth brand is a great family story. The result of that story is a Perth family business that offers decades of experience and product knowledge to Perth families. As far as we know, that makes us pretty special because there’s no other business that has been doing what we do for that long.

So, that’s where we are today, but where did it all start and what does that mean for you? Stay with us because this is a lovely story.

The Beginning

Mum and Dad started Hills Curtains way back in 1974. They called it Hills Curtains because they lived in the hills overlooking Perth. Full marks for imagination!

Way back then, Mum made the curtains from a sewing machine in the living room and Dad went out and about to find people who needed new curtains. That’s how it all started.

Mum was highly skilled on her sewing machine and got better and better, faster and faster. So Dad had a great product to sell and Perth people were very happy with the high standards and the beautiful make overs to their homes.

The Middle

Based on top quality, good will and some great word of mouth, the business grew and grew. And so did the family. Justin and Josh came along, born into a busy family that was all about curtains and blinds and working with Perth families to transform their homes.

After not too long, the Hills Curtains name made way for Curtain Decor and the living room in the hills made way for a showroom and manufacturing space ‘down on the flats’.

From then on, the pattern was set for the business we are today. The business and the people behind it were dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and making them locally, right here in Perth.

The team that Mum and Dad grew around them were all hand picked based on their dedication to quality and passion for this business.

It’s not by accident that so many of our staff have been with the business for 5, 10 and 15 years and in the case of Justin and Josh, for their whole lives.

The Now

So here we are, in 2016 with two generations and more than 35 years experience in the Perth window dressing industry. That should give you complete assurance that with Decor Blinds and Curtains you have made a great choice.

We’re the right business for Perth families and their homes because we’ve been built around a Perth family ourselves. We’re a Western Australian owned and operated business with our own people and local manufacturing facilities. These things work together and mean we can guarantee you the highest level of quality and service.

If our staff aren’t members of the family who started the business, most of them have been with us long enough to be considered part of the extended Decor family, that’s for sure.

Our staff’s experience and commitment gives them exceptional knowledge of curtains and blinds and we are all very happy to share that with you. No matter what your family home is like, chances are we’ve seen something similar before and will be able to advise you on the perfect solutions for your home.

So, that’s our family story and we look forward to hearing yours. Thanks for visiting.

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