Your Bedroom, Your Sanctuary

Your Bedroom, Your Sanctuary


Posted by Decor Blinds & Curtains on 20 Sep 2018

Your bedroom is your sanctuary so it’s important to get your curtains looking and feeling just right. So where do you start for ideas?

Curtains are a fabulous addition to the master bedroom for many reasons. They offer an aesthetic and softness like no other product, they are the best product for reducing light and they offer the highest level of insulation of any internal window treatment. Do you or your partner have trouble sleeping? Then opt for blockout lined curtains with a pelmet for optimum room darkening and insulation. The best thing about curtains is that you can complement any type of decor with the many thousands of fabrics, colours and styles available.

For the more formal bedroom choose blockout lined curtains with a sheer behind. The sheer offers daytime privacy which is a must for the most private room in the house. Alternatively, the most popular set up these days is to have the sheer in the front with blockout curtain behind. A different take on the traditional, this simply offers a softer look while still offering the same functionality.

Once you’ve decided the style of your room, finding the perfect fabric becomes relatively easy . Linens are a popular choice for designs that involve lots of textures such as Hamptons, Coastal or Scandi. The use of natural fabrics perfectly compliment bedrooms with natural timbers floors and finishes.

For New York glamour, organzas are the place to start. Highlight with velvet touches such as cushions and bedheads to give the ultimate in Luxury finish.

Industrial bedrooms will benefit from net sheers. The chunky finish adds texture and warmth in the space where its needed most. Team with a simple heading such as Ripplefold to complete this highly effective look.

When it comes to choosing the perfect look for your bedroom curtains, remember the life of your curtains will far exceed the latest décor trend so do consider keeping the fabric and colour neutral. Use your cushions and bedding to add splashes of colour which can be easily (and cheaply) updated when you want to refresh your look.

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