Curtains for a Cause

Curtains for a Cause

Right now in Perth, there are thousands of people in crisis accommodation.

Some of these people are victims of domestic violence, people trying to get out of an unsafe living environment with their families, or even just someone trying to get back on their feet after having a rough time in life. In many situations, people arrive at their new accommodation with nothing, and quite often their new home also has no window furnishings. With limited resources available, curtains are just not a priority. This means that the family often resort to newspaper just to get some privacy in their bedrooms.

At the same time- thousands of pairs of curtains are discarded into landfill every year when we upgrade our curtains or restyle our homes.

Décor Blinds and Curtains is now working with several non for profit organisations to find your curtains a new home where they will be given a new lease on life by a family in need.

We are working with several other businesses within our community to have your curtains drycleaned, measured, altered and then installed by us into a new home where they will be used and appreciated for many more years to come, and YOU CAN JOIN THE CAUSE  by donating your pre-loved curtains when you purchase new ones with us!

*Curtains must be in good condition


How does Curtains for a Cause work?

When our customers purchase curtains and blinds through us, we give them the option of donating their pre loved ones to Curtains for a Cause.
We have a list of homes of people in need that have no curtains at all, and when curtains come up that we can alter and fit to their windows, we can do just that in house and then install them. We are only able to take curtains- not other window fittings, as we are able to alter and reuse them.


Can I donate and drop my pre loved curtains to you?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept drop off donations.
When you purchase your new curtains through Décor, our installers will carefully vet your existing ones should you choose to donate them to our cause. This is to ensure that each home of person in need receives window furnishings that suit what they need. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to store or dispose of curtains that we cannot use.


My business / workplace would like to help?

We are constantly on the lookout for sponsors! Every aspect of this project is donated by a small business in our community. If you think you can help, please contact us!


I work for a housing organisation that knows of people who could do with your help?

We would love to hear from you. We work on a priority system, so email us with the details and we can send you some information on how we can help.


I would like your help?

We would love to help everyone! Due to insurance reasons, we are only able to help people through housing organisations. If this sounds like your organisation, please contact us through the form below.




Curtains for a Cause proudly supports the following organisations



Décor Blinds and Curtains are working with, and would also like to thanks the following businesses for donating to Curtains for Cause



Curtain Drycleaners, David Vincent, 9362 6444


Please contact us with any enquiries or questions you may have regarding Curtains for a Cause

* For insurance reasons we are only able to work with organisations, not individuals.

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