Fire Retardant Curtains

Fire Retardant Curtains

Make the right choice when it comes to saftey

Being a Western Australian based business we know that fires has been a real issue for us here in Perth. Our unrelenting heat and beautiful natural landscapes makes us high risk for devastating events such as the Yarloop, Parkerville and Roleystone fires.

So many of us are now looking at what we can do to make our homes safer in the event of a bushfire. There are many improvements that can be made in and outside the home and the more improvements we make, the better our chances

One of the greatest risks for internal ignition in the home is radiant heat which can break and crack windows and allow embers in. To help in protecting your home and family and to help reduce fire risk, we have sourced a range of fire retardant fabrics.

The fire retardance of these products makes them ideal window treatments not only for your home but also public spaces, hotels, restaurants and other commercial places in general.

Features and Benefits

  • Low flammability along with acceptable levels of smoke output
  • Inherently fire retardant so there is no need for ongoing maintenance
  • Available in both curtain, sheers and blind fabrics
  • Colours, options and styles to suit any decor

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