Pelmets Swags & Tails

Pelmets Swags & Tails

Pelmets are a fabulous finishing product for window treatments and are making a big return to popularity.

Pelmets are a superb and stylish finish to any window treatment that also offer practical insulation benefits.

They put the final flourish and finishing touch to any curtain or blind. Combining functionality with design, they give us the ability to cover mechanisms and achieve a very clean look to the overall effect of your windows and their dressings. Along with their appearance, pelmets also offer impressive insulation benefits. The Energy Commission of Australia recommends teaming curtains with pelmets as the best way to insulate a home. Pelmets will decrease the amount of light and heat that can enter the room by reducing light and heat entry at the top of the window treatment.

You have all sorts of shapes and trims to choose from ranging from traditional finishes to simple, contemporary looks.

The Best Reasons To Choose Pelmets From Decor Blinds And Curtains

  • All of our Pelmets are manufactured in Perth by our own staff.
  • Our Pelmets are padded for a soft look.
  • We are unique in that we can manufacture Pelmets in curtain and blind fabric ranges.
  • Our Pelmets are piped for the best finish and the piping can match or contrast to give an individual look.
  • We only use our own installers, no sub contractors so you don’t have to worry, your home will be well taken care of every step of the way.

Swags & Tails

Swags & Tails deliver an elegant look with their traditional finish that is perfectly suited to more formal living spaces.

With their beautiful detail, Swags and Tails perfectly complete any formal room and can be made with many different trims to create just the right look for you and your room. Swags & Trails can also be coupled with blinds to establish a completely different effect.

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