Builton Group - Burswood Offices

Builton Group - Burswood Offices

Builton Group purpose built their new offices to cater to their varied needs. Accompanying their many offices is their state of the art selection centre for their new home clients.

Insulation was a core requirement of this project with metallised backed roller blinds being fitted throughout. Metallised backed fabrics offer the optimum in blind insulation and provide high levels of heat blockout regardless of colour selected. Builton Group were able to select a modern grey finish for their blinds without sacrificing any on insulation.

Manufacturing in house from our Perth facilities means we can produce metallised backed roller blinds. These fabrics are a specialty item that require expert cutting and manufacturing techniques.

To make it easy for their clients to identify the new offices, we fitted out Builton Group's selection centre with printed roller blinds. A series of photos, featuring their projects, and logos were printed on the blinds. We used a screen blind and printed using UV stablised inks to ensure longevity of the product. The screen not only assisted with insulation and privacy, it also meant that the blinds could be down at all times to show the logos and photos without light being blocked inside the centre.

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