St Bartholomew's House - Lime Street

St Bartholomew's House - Lime Street

St Bartholomew's House is a wonderful organisation that is dedicated to assisting those in need with emergency, crisis and community housing and aged services.

We were pleased to work with St Bartholomew's House on their Lime Street project which can accommodate 148 people facing homelessness. The facilities offer accommodation to those with varying needs so our curtain solution had to be comprehensive.

We supplied 367 curtains and 151 roller blinds. The curtain solution we provided was:

  • Fire retardant to ensure safety of occupants and staff. 
  • Machine washable to ensure easy and cost effective cleaning as required. 
  • Tear resistant to ensure longevity of the product and reduce maintainance and replacement costs. 
  • Dimout (without the need for a separate lining) which reduces costs.

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