University of Western Australia - Music Theatre

University of Western Australia - Music Theatre

The Music Theatre backs on to the Somerville Auditorium so noise was proving to be an issue in the Theatre during the summer months when the Auditorium was in use. Based on this, we recommended separately lined curtains with 2 layers of lining to optimise noise reduction. 100% blockout lining was used for the outer lining to protect the curtain from fading and sun degradation and the interlining in Bumph for accoustic benefits. This set up works both ways, preventing outdoor noise from entering the Theatre and preventing Theatre noise from being heard outdoors.

The window itself was expansive, 14 metres wide by 4 metres high. Needless to say the curtains were BIG! Not to mention heavy! To assist with daily operation, we installed the curtains to motorised tracks. The curtains open in a 2 way fashion, operated from a wall mount remote control.

A straight, padded, self piped pelmet finished the look in a simple, clean way. The pelmet further assists with noise reduction and has the added benefit of reducing heat coming into the Theatre off that very large window.

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