Flexible solutions are popular solutions

When it comes to shutters, you can’t beat hinge shutters for popularity. Putting the simple hinge on shutters has provided the ideal solution for countless homes, all because these shutters are perfect for the vast majority of windows. Hinge shutters give you unparalleled access to your windows, making operating and cleaning a breeze.

Stylish shutters

We carry a large range of plantation shutters with a huge range of hinge colours so that your windows will sit beautifully alongside your home decor. And environment isn’t a concern, with stainless steel hinge options. It pays to go with hinge shutters that will not only stand the test of time, but stay in style as well.

Magnet hinges. More than just a hardware

Our range of hinged shutters goes beyond just simple hardware. We have specialty magnet hinges that transform your shutter panels from static fixture to modular solutions. If you are dealing with difficult to reach areas or obstructions such as a kitchen or a bathroom sink, then magnet hinges may be the ideal solution for your home. We also fix hinges to specially constructed shutters such as arches or triangles, adding function to beauty so that you can get the best aesthetics from the trickiest windows.

Talk to the experts

If you are looking for a functional and beautiful solution for your windows, hinge shutters may be the perfect fit for your home. Talk to our friendly experts today to find out how we can help.

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