Theatre Curtains

Theatre Curtains

Netflix and curtains

Embrace the home theatre experience with professional theatre curtains that will surpass anything a cinema has to offer. Our handcrafted theatre curtains will keep the light out with superior blockout, ensuring that you can watch the latest season of House of Cards as it was intended to be seen. The truest black on a television screen is just going to be a washed out gray unless you can properly eliminate light bleed from your home theatre. That’s where we come in.

Your sound is only as good as your room

Any cinephile knows that your theatre experience is only as good as your sound system. Well, we’re ready to take that experience to the next level with theatre curtains that deliver superior sound and perfect room acoustics. Our experienced consultants will be on hand to advise you on how to place and position your curtains to realise that crystal clear cinema sound.

Turn heads towards your screen

With Decor motorised theatre curtains, your home theatre can be the talk of the town. This special touch really adds that cinema feel for a spectacular viewing experience.

Contact the experts

Setting up a home cinema comes with many decisions and planning to get the best possible experience. Our consultants have years of experience helping West Australians realise their passion for home cinema. If you’re planning your next home cinema build, call us today and get the best advice on allowing recesses for your curtains and electrical provisions for motorisation.

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